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Aug 7, 2013 4:00pm EDT
to come to america. >> this was one of her dreams. and this is where everything ended. >> reporter: authorities say campbell may have lived out of his car and racked up convictions in a number of different states, including reckless driving with alcohol in florida. if convicted for the venice beach rampage, campbell faces up to life in prison. bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> the l.a. city council is asking to block cars from getting onto the venice beach boardwalk. >>> another rocky day on wall street. all the markets are off for the third straight session. let's take a look at the numbers. dow down 48. nasdaq down 12. let's go to new york right now, where vinita naiir ir has tonight's money watch update. >> reporter: socks sank after several companies reported disappointing earnings. profits at ralph lauren, and zillow fell short of expectations. freddie mac brought in some but it could be phased out with fannie mae. congress is considering dramatically scaling back on the government's role in guaranteeing mortgages. analyst says likely if that happens, rates will go up. >>>
Aug 8, 2013 4:00pm EDT
selling small car in america. >>> the national aquarium at the inner harbor is making history. today is the grand opening of the world's largest reproduction of the pacific coral reef, featuring some unique animals. wjz is live at the aquarium. jessica kartalija joins us once again with more on the amazing exhibit. jess? >> reporter: yeah. 700 different animals, to be exact, denise. it is really incredible. we went behind the scenes. this is months of a long, grueling process they had to get all of the coral made to look exactly like it does in the indo pacific region. then they have to put it in there. and then they have to get all of those animals acclimated and make sure they get along well. ♪ [ music ] >> as the crowd looks on, one by one, black-tipped sharks are welcomed to their new homes. in the narc aquarium's black- tip reef. for the past several months, 20 black-tip sharks have been livering at an off-site facility, preparing to move to the new exhibit. >> we have to make sure that they are comfortable, they acclimate well. and are doing great before we feed them to the p
Aug 12, 2013 4:00pm EDT
with their 2013 list of best places to live in america. this year's issue looks at small towns. sharon, massachusetts took the number one shot followed by lewisville, colorado. the magazine considered things including unemployment, schools, safety and open space. that's your money watch. for more, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous >>> countless people know the feeling that coming from hugging their pet. a new years ago hospitals began bringing pets in to cheer patients up. now mike schuh reports, those animals are doing even more. >> i imagine the great part about being a dog like chole is when you go to work you don't know it. >> she knows the way. >> this is a place that can really use her help. chole's job is to work with austin. he was backside of this car . he died and was brought back. his spine, a web of steel. >> can i plug in your sticker so we can throw the ball? >> lisa, his physical therapist knows this will be a good session. chole won't have it any other way. >> it puts joy in his life. >> a life now much different than it was. the new snowm
Aug 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
. leave france, get back to america. cash transactions only from here on out. am i clear? it's him, isn't it? it's doyle. toss that cell phone and get home safely. oh, thanks, hon. i can't believe you got my favorite beer. now, molly and gail had different doctors, but both went to syracuse general pharmacy. assuming they were stalked, you know, 10 to 14 weeks before their disappearance, i went ahead and started with footage from when they went to get refills, which falls right into that time window. behold--gail langston, july 3rd. see that woman a few steps behind her with the large cup of coffee? check this out. a few weeks later, there she is again. the same woman is following her. creepy. she's wearing the same scarf as gail. [music playing] turn that up. garcia, did this woman follow a similar pattern when she was stalking molly? emily, you're totally ruining the ending. here's molly and the stalker on november 8th. what do you know? she went shopping. they're carrying identical purses. and then 15 minutes later on their way out. so she stalks them, copies them, and uses it to st
Aug 21, 2013 4:00pm EDT
showed you. she took you right into the heart of it. last free-living tribe of nomads in america. what a subject, huh? hmm. what a book. might even get you back on the best-seller list. look... all ann wanted to do was to save a little girl from the life of petty crime. come on, what did you do? you just kept on pressing her. look, i swear i had no idea they'd go that far. i wanted to understand my son. ann started telling me about her family. i encouraged her, maybe i pushed her too far. did you push her to take you to this engagement party? well, i told her there would be no book without first-hand observation. did anyone threaten her? well, she was worried about kyle's temper. you know, she found out, you know, that he knew, and... her niece told her. you got no cause taking my daughter away. i make sure she goes to school. i make sure no one is harming her. i am a good mother. this is what they're worried about. that's a good-looking son-in-law you'll have there. i know what you think. nothing indecent goes on. this is just a promise. did anybody even ask fiona if this is what she
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5